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Ahh... the night in review

What a great night. At long last, we can actually update on what happened this evening, and have something of substance. Of course, it's only been a night since we had our grand opening, but eh, the 'opening night' was nothing less than amazing.

Well, Craig, Jenny (his uber-cool cousin), Emily (her uber-cool friend), and I went to the red Wal-Mart because I wanted a bean bag chair. Red shirts were all over the store, so Craig and I randomly hit each other with the bean bags. He also managed to print out an 'out of order' sign on the registry computer and put it on the computer, deeming it useless. Craig got a compliment from a certain Zathrak at Target. Apparently he 'looks good without his glasses'.

Yeah, so the mall was a blast, as always. We threw foamy shurikens emblazoned with ninja turtles at each other. While in the record store, Craig saw an old pal from Montville who didn't remember him. She also had a butch haircut and stupid brother. We picked up a string quartet tribute to 311, which friggin' rocks. I gotta say, even though classical music isn't my favorite music in the world, hearing contemporary stuff done over in it it sweet.

First off, lemme say that if you do not lock your car in a parking lot, specifically the mall, then you are retarded and deserve what's coming to you. In the past we have opened cars, left the doors open, or just tossed empty bottles in. Sorry if it was to you. Actually, I'm not sorry, you deserve it for being so dumb. So we found a particular red jeep cherokee and opened it. On the way back out we opened it and realized there was a buzzing. What's that? That's right, the keys were IN the ignition. No, we didn't start it up. But we did try to lock all the doors after leaving the lights on. Well, one lock was busted and so it wasn't all locked. Bummer :(

So on the way back to Groton, Craig spotted a few girls in a car. So, with my excellent driving skills, I kept parallel with them as we waved insanely out the window. They took the same, so I stayed with them, until they decided to play tag... with their middle fingers. So yeah, the Burger King drive thru blew. Can you say attitude? Yeah, she was a bitch. Eh, I tried to be nice, but it just didn't have its usual charm.

After all that excitement, we began the day boxing sequence...

day boxing v. (daay-baucks-ing)
1. to tamper or fool around with the Day newspaper boxes

So after this ritual, we had a random encounter with Meghan, a good friend of mine. A cameo? Perhaps. Perhaps when we have a camera to record it all. Hmm...

Well that's all. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
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