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It's been a while, so here's a quick update...

Check out the trailer! Craig and I have been diligently (sp?) working on a new site layout, and it will be launching hopefully by the end of the weekend. We shall see. Just a few more kinks to work out. Anywho, check out the site anyways. Pretty soon we'll be putting more junk up there, and perhaps some bonus footage to get you all psyched for the June release.

Again, check out the trailer. I think you will all be quite pleased with it. Someone gave us a 7.9 / 10. w00t! Drop a line if you liked it. Tell us what you think...ya know, what's funny, what's stupid?

Also, if you have any suggestions for the site and/or the video, let us know. We have an intricate process that all suggestions pass through, and if you have them, they must get under way immediately. Anywho, enjoy the updates, and thanks to all of you loyal RNO-ettes for the supports thus far.
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