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Suburban Kids With A Videocamera

Random Night Out
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Welcome to the RNO Community on LiveJournal!

A Random Night Out is defined by hanging out with good people, listening to good music and having a good time. Typically, the RNO gang likes to hit up late night locales such as Super Wal-Mart or a fast food drive-thru and cause a little mischief. Maybe we'll play a little Shopping Cart Soccer in a parking lot. Or maybe we'll head out the night before Garbage Day and see what goodies wait for us. Anything is a possible source for humor when you're a Suburban Kid With a Video Camera.

Following in the footsteps of CKY and Viva La Bam's Bam Margera, we've decided to film our antics and put them onto DVD. Original RNO members Craig and Kyle are joined by their long time friend Becca for this production.

The DVD is 100% homebrewed, every aspect of production has been done by two college students. The film is 55 minutes long with an original rock and electronica soundtrack. For more information, such as previews or purchase information, check out our website at www.r-n-o.com.

Join the community and let us know what you think!